Steam Winter Sale: GeforceNow Games for Cheap

One of the great advantages of GeForce Now compared to the offerings from the “big boys” – Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony – is that switching to this cloud streaming platform doesn’t mean building a whole new library of games.   Create your GeForce Now account, connect it to your Steam and Epic accounts, and “poof”, your library of PC games suddenly become your library of streaming games.  In theory, that is. 

Unfortunately, not all games on those game services are currently streamable by GeForce.  Take my library for example.  As someone who primarily games on console, my Steam library isn’t very big…I only have 30 games to my name, and only 1 of them (Half-Life) is Geforce Now-compatible.  So for me, that magic library didn’t happen, but luckily it’s the right time of the year.  While PC games need to deal with the never-ending temptation to upgrade their machines, they do have one notable advantage over console gamers – THE DEALS.  A quick search on Steam shows games that are discounted up to 88%, with discounts in the range of 40% to 60% being quite common. 

So if you’ve been wanting to try GeForce Now but don’t want to splurge on money on games,  Steam’s Winter Sale is the perfect time to stock up without putting a big hole in your wallet.  We’ve taken the time to cross reference the deals with GeForce Now compatibility for your convenience, and here are the best games we could find under $10.  While obviously these won’t be the latest titles, there are still some great games if you haven’t had the opportunity to try them, and might as well try them streamed over the GeForce services.  

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